Established in year 1947, Citizen Screen Sdn. Bhd. (Citizen Studio & Engravers) has today emerged as one of the leading screen printing productions houses in this region.

The Company specializes in 4-colour screen printing for both industrial and commercial advertising such as posters and below the line advertising.

Vast experience in 4-colour screen printing aside, Citizen Screen is constantly breaking new ground in the world for screen printing and its techniques. We have with us some of the most modern facilities and a pool of expert personnel to ensure high quality production and the most efficient service for our clients.

Our Company's Set-up

"The journey of a thousand-mile begins with a single step"

So the saying goes. And it's true.

For what we are today, we owe it to the late Mr. T.M. Wong for taking the first step in setting up the company in 1947.

At that time, Citizen Screen was known as Citizen Studio & Engravers. It specialized in block, colour separation, common seals, copper signs and badges.

In 1967, the Company embarked on a new venture by going into the manual silkscreen printing for posters, stickers, signboards and mock-ups for exhibitions; beside other below the line advertising.

Screen printing in Malaysia was still in its infancy in the 1970s when Citizen stepped into it. The Company saw its potential in the market from that of an artistic recreation, to a commercial, technical industry. This insight was put to good use with the Company moving on from block making to screen printing and multisheet production. The change provided us an excellent chance to catch up with advanced nations like America and Europe in screen printing.

The year 1985 marked the start of a new era of modern technology with the implementation of a dynamic screen printing production expansion program. Since they, we have been providing full range of service to our clients; from finished art production, colour separation and printing film production to final screen printing for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Our Philosophy

ommunication, with our clients
ntegrity, one of our treasured values
imely, in meeting dealines
nnovative, in technology
ealous, about our work
xcellent, in service
otable, for our products